Saturday, January 21, 2017

Iglesia Ni Cristo: Lokal ng Area E,Bulacan South,Telephone Number

Iglesia Ni Cristo: Lokal ng Area E,Bulacan South
Address: 656 San Sebastian Street,Barangay Fatima 1, Area E,San Jose Del Monte City Bulacan,Phillipines
Telephone Number:
Oras/Araw ng Pagsamba:

Wednesday     4:30PM     TAGALOG
Wednesday     7:30PM     TAGALOG
Thursday         5:30AM     TAGALOG
Thursday         9:45AM     TAGALOG
Thursday        4:30PM     TAGALOG
Thursday        7:30PM     TAGALOG
Saturday        4:30PM     TAGALOG
Saturday        7:30PM     TAGALOG
Sunday          5:30AM     TAGALOG
Sunday          7:30AM     TAGALOG     CWS
Sunday          9:30AM     TAGALOG
Sunday          2:00PM     TAGALOG
Sunday          4:30PM     TAGALOG

Be sure to confirm Oras/Araw ng Pagsamba:s before attending. Worship service times may be temporarily or recently changed.

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