Tuesday, December 27, 2016

TESDA Training Centers in REGION II

 TESDA Training Centers in REGION II

Regional Training Center - Tuguegarao
VENANCIO T. BALISI - Officer-in-Charge, Administrator (Supervising TESD Specialist)
Address: Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Tel No: (078) 846-8619
Fax No: (078) 846-8619

Schools / Institutions

Aparri Polytechnic Institute (API)
EDUARDO L. ESCOBAR - Officer-in-Charge, Administrator (Assistant Professor IV)
Address: Maura, Aparri, Cagayan
Tel. Nos: (078) 822-8270; (078) 888-2015
Fax Nos: (078) 822-8270; (078) 888-2015
Email: aparrisat@yahoo.com

Isabela School of Arts and Trades (ISAT)
IGMEDIO S. CASTICON - Administrator (Vocational School Superintendent)
Address: Maharlika Highway, Calamagui II
Tel No: (078) 624-0933
Fax No: (078) 624-0933
Email: tesdaisat@yahoo.com

Kasibu National Agricultural School (KNAS)
EDWARD P. RAMOS - Officer-in-Charge, Administrator (Assistant Professor II)
Address: Poblacion, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya
Tel No: None
Fax No: None
Email: tesda_knas@yahoo.com

Lasam Institute of Technology (LIT)
JIMMY V. LAMUG - Administrator (Vocational School Administrator I)
Address: Nabannagan, Lasam, Cagayan
Tel No: None
Fax No: None

Southern Isabela College of Arts & Trades (SICAT)
ALEJANDRO R. CORTEZ - Administrator (Vocational School Superintendent)
Address: Calaoacan, Santiago City
Tel No: (078) 305-2577
Fax No: (078) 305-2577
Email: sicat_tesda@yahoo.com

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