Saturday, December 24, 2016

Iglesia Ni Cristo: Barcelona, Spain,Southern Europe, Address,Contact Number

Iglesia Ni Cristo: Barcelona, Spain,Southern Europe
Locale: Barcelona, Spain
Locale Address: Calle Dante Alighieri 18,24a Barcelona, Spain 08032
Contact Information:
Chapel         (0034) 93-325-5770
Alfredo Alvarez     0034-934-437-773 / 0034-602-576-472
Anastacio Martin, Jr.     0034-931-801-529 / 0034-672-571-918
Vicente Capuno     0034-934-327-224 / 0034-602-409-611
Igmedio Gumangan, Jr.     0034-934-070-418 / 0034-628-469-627
Violeta Alvarez     0034-934-437-773 / 0034-603-175-529
Worship Service Schedule:
Thursday     6:15AM     TAGALOG
Thursday     6:45PM     TAGALOG     SPANISH
Saturday     10:30AM   TAGALOG     SPANISH     CWS
Saturday     6:15PM     TAGALOG     SPANISH
Sunday       8:00AM     TAGALOG
Note: Be sure to confirm worship service schedules before attending. Worship service times may be temporarily or recently changed.

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